Mama Knows Best………


I love hotels! Ever since I was a little girl and taking road trips with my family I have loved to stop and spend the night under a different roof. There’s something about staying in a different place that feels so liberating. I do things I would never do at home. I order room service without looking at the prices, I watch all the movies and tv shows I would never watch at home (that explains how I got so addicted to “Pan Am” – remember that show?), and I spend hours doing my nails and applying fancy facial masks. I love it.

Some hotels also shape the memories I keep of the gig, of the town. The most peaceful place in the world? The Pridwin Hotel on Shelter Island. The hotel that made me feel like a movie star? The Ayre Hotel in Oviedo (the building looks like a spaceship and my room was four times the size of my NY studio apartment). The most glamorous hotel I’ve visited? The Hotel DuPont in Wilmington DE (one of the 100 historic hotels in the US). I can remember little details from each hotel I’ve visited, not only those mentioned above. What about the Holiday Inn in Pensacola FL where the front desk would alert me when the hot tub was empty so I could have it to myself? Or the hotel in Orange France where my shower was HAUNTED?!

Anyway, I digress. I love to travel. I love hotels. And this hotel in Paris is no exception!! It’s my first time to stay at Mama Shelter and it’s WILD. Check out the bedside lamps!


I think this is going to be weird when it comes time to sleep.


Also there is a Mac TV / Computer thing which will keep me from napping (which is what I should be doing right now!) with endless activities : free movies, iChat, etc etc.

But!!! I’m in Paris!!! Why am I in the hotel anyway?! 🙂 I’m going out, see you soon!!


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One Response to Mama Knows Best………

  1. yourpeltness says:

    Make sure you visit the Louvre and the Rodin museum… My personal favs…


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