With Curlers in my Hair…….

What a weekend! Saturday I played in Tarnos France at the Jazz en Mars Festival (which is in the south of France) and Sunday I played at Club Leo Lagrange (which is north of Paris). That’s a lot of travel in between!

Saturday morning Marina, Mourad (drums), and Fabien (trumpet) and I took the train from Paris to Bayonne, which is a 5 hour ride. I love the train tho because it’s very comfortable and I get to see so much of France. Although to be honest this is what I’m usually doing :


The Bayonne / Tarnos area is gorgeous and much warmer than Paris or NYC. We didn’t have much time at the hotel before we went for soundcheck at the venue. The venue seated about 300 people and it was sold out for our show! Very exciting. Soundcheck is always fun to me because it’s a chance to reconnect with the music after an already long day of travel and logistics. However, I will never get used to people watching us soundcheck! Of course I know some people will come (the presenter, people who are working the festival, maybe another band) but when we are rehearsing “Tenderly” and I look out into the audience and see 30 or so people I am always shocked. Also because I don’t speak French, I usually don’t know who they are! But I should say that I always loved watching other people soundcheck, just like I love to watch batting practice. You truly get to see behind the scenes! So now I make sure that I am dressed in an acceptable fashion so people can take pictures and not think I am a bum! Remember when I soundchecked at the Litchfield Jazz Festival with curlers in my hair!? People were scandalized. 🙂

The concert that night was GREAT! The audience was very kind and generous and after the show I was able to meet many people.


After the concert in Tarnos we had about 7 hours at the hotel before we left that next morning. I was lucky to be able to sleep for 6, even though to do so I had to miss a little party. 😦 We left Sunday morning and flew to Paris where we had 2 hours before they picked us up at the hotel to leave for the concert, which was about 1 hour north of Paris. I was DEAD ON MY FEET by the time we arrived around 4 PM. Once again we had sound check (and our bassist was different from Saturday night, so we rehearsed and talked about possible tunes), then I started getting ready (check out my “WHAT IS MODERN?” cosmetics bag)


Makeup, hair, and clothes takes about an hour or so and then it was SHOWTIME. Once again we had a sold out show (about 100 people) and a very responsive audience. No matter how tired I am, when I’m on stage I am feeling good. We did encore after encore too! I said to Mourad, “I feel like Maria Callas.” hahahaha! 🙂 I was very happy the people were so kind. When the show was over they had organized a dinner and a little party to celebrate. We sat down to eat around 10 PM tho I felt like it was 4 AM. So wonderful!

I slept the entire car ride home, walked in my hotel room and fell back to sleep immediately. What a great weekend and what a lovely way to start my “Sings and Swings” tour.

Skies were blue and sunny when I woke in Paris!


I went shopping (OF COURSE) and spent most of the day relaxing. Tuesday I have a radio interview and live performance at noon (Paris time) on TSF Radio and then we play at Sunside Jazz Club at 9 PM. Click the link to make your reservation!

Thank you for reading and for your support! Please comment and share. 🙂

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