My First Time in Catalonia

So sorry to make you wait for my post from Barcelona! I performed this weekend at Jamboree Jazz Club, and after the Saturday night concert I had 2 hours at the hotel before I had to fly to JFK via Munich, and now I have 24 hours before we leave for Chicago! Crazy times! I am at the halfway point on the “Sings & Swings” tour (the details of which are in my first blog post) and, though I feel exhausted, I am really happy to be traveling and meeting all of you in person!

My hotel in Barcelona was only a few blocks from the Mediterranean Sea and the weather was PERFECT for strolling along the pier and taking in some fresh air (the temperature was about 65 degrees Fahrenheit, 18 degrees Celsius). It felt so nice to walk around without my giant winter parka; when I left Paris it was SNOWING. What a difference.


I was really lucky to arrive a day before my performance (which is not always the case), so I was able to relax and get a good night’s rest on Thursday. Friday morning I woke up bright and early and decided to visit Sagrada Familia, but I don’t know what I was thinking because it was GOOD FRIDAY and the place was crazy packed. I was still able to walk around and take it in, but I couldn’t wait in line to see the inside because I didn’t have time.


At 5 PM I met my other band members, Ignasi Gonzalez (bass) and Esteve Pi (drums) at the club and we had a little rehearsal / soundcheck before the first show that evening. Jamboree is a basement club with a very intimate vibe because the audience is very close to the stage. Also, it’s the first club I’ve performed in where people had assigned seats like in a concert hall! The audience was so kind and my fellow musicians such a pleasure to play with that I really had a wonderful time. I even took a picture of the audience from the stage!


Even though it was my first time in Barcelona I immediately felt I was surrounded by friends. Quite a few people from Facebook and Twitter came out and said hello, and I made some new friends too. After the show on Friday a bunch of us went out and had dinner together! Everyone was so kind to speak in English to me most of the time, but I was also really happy to be around the sound of Spanish (and Catalan), which I really enjoy. I’m really shy to admit it, but I’ve been studying Spanish for almost a year! I’m shy because I don’t think I’m very good, but I can understand more than I can say.

photo by Antonio Narváez Dupuy

photo by Antonio Narváez Dupuy

On Saturday I didn’t have much time for sightseeing because I did something I almost NEVER do while on the road: I PRACTICED. Haha 🙂 I went to the club early and spent some much needed time with the piano! Saturday evening the audiences and my fellow musicians were great again, we did 4 encores on the second set!

photo by Antonio Narváez Dupuy

photo by Antonio Narváez Dupuy

I really must thank everyone who was so kind to me while I was in Barcelona. Sometimes when I am traveling by myself, it can be lonely to navigate the cities and eat all my meals by myself, but on this trip I never felt lonely at all. Special thanks to Gemma, Antonio Narvaez Dupuy (who took many of the pictures you see here), Esteve, Susanna, and Ignasi!

photo by Antonio Narváez Dupuy

BAND MEETING! photo by Antonio Narváez Dupuy

So sad to leave Barcelona, but hopefully I will be back there sometime this year (fingers crossed). And when I go back, I will eat more of this cake:

photo by Antonio Narváez Dupuy

photo by Antonio Narváez Dupuy

On the flight back to NYC I watched “Anna Karenina” with Keira Knightley, have you seen it?

Also looking forward to starting a new book tomorrow, “The Angel’s Game” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Hopefully on this leg of the tour I will have more time for reading!!

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2 Responses to My First Time in Catalonia

  1. laura says:

    I’ve been enjoying your posts….traveling vicariously. I loved Barcelona, stayed at the Majestic Hotel (I think that was the name) The restaurant on the side street of the hotel was awesome…even though I found a pigs foot in my stew.
    That cake looks fantastic.
    See you back at Novita…have fun. Laura


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