Sunset over the Mississippi

TKash (our drummer) had never been west of New Jersey before this tour. Today we drove south from Chicago through Illinois down to Columbia MO, so he saw A LOT of America. I’m sure to many people that drive could seem a little dull, it is mostly flat and takes you through a lot of country, but coming from NYC I love to see the endless sky and the horizon on either side of the car. Since we weren’t on a schedule today (we don’t perform until Sunday afternoon) we decided to leave I-55 before Saint Louis and take I-72 west to highway 54 into Missouri. EXCELLENT choice. Not that I don’t love to see the arch in Saint Louis, but this was truly the scenic route. And somehow our timing was so perfect that we arrived at the Mighty Mississippi just at sunset.


TKash was thrilled and we even stopped so he could experience the border (and town of Louisiana).


I have to say dusk is my favorite time of day, especially in the Midwest (or anywhere it’s flat), because on one side you can see “day” and on the other side you can see “night”. It’s been more than a year since I really saw that myself, and I enjoyed it so much. Once we were in Missouri we were in the STICKS! I had no cell phone service for over an hour and for a long time all we could see was the road before us – no houses, no other cars, no buildings, no nothing. Quite an experience.

We are all happy to be here in Columbia (sharing our hotel with the Missouri Tigers Football Team! Haha go sooners) but we will miss Chicago. Our second night at Andy’s we had a lot of friends come out and I even signed an autograph on somebody’s arm. 🙂




After our show we went to see the Eric Reed Trio at the Jazz Showcase. Eric plays in NYC often but I am never in town, so it was really cool to be in Chicago at the same time. He has a great trio with Mike Gurola (bass) and Wes Anderson (drums). They are both from the west coast; I even played with Mike when I was in LA last year.

One thing Eric and I noticed about playing in Chicago is the people really take A LOT of pictures during the shows! Much more than in NYC or anywhere else, except perhaps Japan and Spain. So naturally I felt the need to fit in!


What a great tour so far! Thank YOU!


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