The Show Me State

We checked into our hotel in Columbia MO on Saturday night and as I was pulling the luggage cart off the elevator a young man pointed to my Sooners jacket and said “Oklahoma?” I wasn’t even thinking at all because I was so tired, and just replied “Boomer Sooner”. I looked up at him and he pointed to the logo on his shirt and replied, “Not around here.” Only then did I realize that Columbia MO is the home of the Mizzou Tigers, a rival of my beloved Oklahoma Sooners. He was young and athletic looking and wearing a team shirt, so I said, “Oh, are you on the football team?” He looked right at me and said, “No, water polo.” Ha! I’m so gullible I believed him! As I looked at him wonderingly he just shook his head and got on the elevator! Hahahaha! I love being in a part of the US where college football is a serious thing!

We performed for the “We Always Swing” series at Murry’s. Growing up in OK I thought I knew of every Jazz series or Jazz club within a 15 hour driving radius, but I was wrong! Murry’s has had Jazz since 1985, including performances by Barry Harris and Tommy Flanagan. I find it amazing that in the center of Missouri in a college town we played a Jazz club that was PACKED with hardcore Jazz fans. The upcoming shows for “We Always Swing” include the Monterey Jazz Fest (with my main man Benny Green) and the Gerald Clayton Trio. please check them out if you’re near the Columbia MO area.

Here is a picture from the balcony looking towards the stage area:


Also I have to say the food was OUTSTANDING. The boys all had steaks and I had chicken salad, saving room for the Gooey Butter Cake for desert. I had never heard of a Gooey Butter Cake but evidently it’s a Saint Louis area speciality and if you get the chance TRY IT. I am going to search for a recipe, although something that rich could only be eaten once a year!

They even dedicated the steak to me! Check out the name: Tournedos Champian


Monday was our day off and we traveled down to the Meramec Caverns to see the river and enjoy a little down time. I used to visit Meramec all the time growing up, but it’s been a good 6 years since I was last here.


Though I’ve never met a body of water I didn’t love, the water was too cold for the boys:


Inside the cave it was a cool 65 degrees:


But not too cold for some ice cream!


After we left Meramec we drove through Saint Louis to see the arch:


Excellent day, even tho our 6 hour drive to Memphis turned into a 12 hour day with all our stops! That’s the beauty of a driving tour, freedom to see the states!

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3 Responses to The Show Me State

  1. Thnx for publicing this good information. Keep up this good work. I’ll subscribe to your website also. Thanks!


  2. Howard Smith says:

    So appreciate your blogging. When will you be in our near Atlanta again? Or, back in NYC? I’ve got trips coming up. Finally, please add Google Plus share button on blog. Want my circles to know and hear your awesomeness!


    • Howard thanks for reading and writing! Tomorrow we will be in Opelika AL (about an hour and a half from Atlanta) but no plans to be in Atlanta proper in the near future. I’ll be back in NYC for most of may. Also, there is a google+ share button under “more” – when I get back to NYC I will change it so you don’t have to click “more”.

      Thanks again!


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