The Maiden Voyage of Lane Music, AKA my love affair with Kawai

We needed a performance after Missouri to bring us into the southern part of our tour, but where could we play? Last year we played at the Germantown Performing Arts Center, which is near Memphis, and I was eager to visit the area again. I reached out to my friends on Facebook months ago and a new venue, Lane Music, was suggested. Scott, the owner of Lane Music, had just built a new recital hall in his flagship store in Germantown and was interested in starting a performance series. As we talked, we both realized it would be a perfect fit.

Tonight we played the first (non-recital) performance in the new space and, let me tell you, the venue is gorgeous! It seats about 100 people and the stage is really world class, great lighting and sound as well. Also, interestingly enough, Lane Music is a Kawai Piano dealer. I don’t have much experience with Kawai’s, but I am SOLD on them now. On the stage we had a 9 footer, and before the show I spent an hour trying each piano in the store.


I especially loved the Shigeru Kawai, which had an INCREDIBLE low end. I loved it so much I bought it!


Not! Haha. I wish. I would love to be the HANDS OF KAWAI!

It was really nice to be back in Germantown and see all our friends from the area (including the great saxophonist Bill Easley!), I hope to make this a yearly visit.


Here is a picture of the guys from soundcheck –


Tomorrow we head to Tupelo MS, also a town we visited last year. See you there!

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4 Responses to The Maiden Voyage of Lane Music, AKA my love affair with Kawai

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  2. Laura S. Butts says:

    Good morning, Champian! I am reading your blog. Great pic of you with your “Sold” piano, and I love the picture you took of your audience in Spain. What fun! Monte says it’s time to get ready for work, but now I have a new blog to visit. Thank you for sharing all your adventures.


  3. Lacy Blackledge says:

    Neato skeeto!


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