Speaking Frog


Friday night we played in Opelika Alabama (very near to Auburn AL) for the East Alabama Arts Association. The weather was perfect and the people were very kind, we even had some excellent Barbeque at Chuck’s Barabeque (Brunswick stew!).

We stayed at a beautiful hotel, the Marriot at the Grand National Golfcourse, and in front of the hotel there was a pond. When we came home from the show that night we heard a strange sound as we were unloading the car. I swear I have never heard it before in my life, though Stephen swears I must have. We approached the pond to investigate and located the sound, bullfrogs!! Soooo many of them! And GIANT ones! It was such a strange experience to hear them all and then TKash started mimicking the sound trying to communicate with them! Elias and I fell out laughing and then Elias joined in with TKash. You should have seen them in their suits crouching down near the pond making that strange low sound. I started laughing so hard and I guess we were making quite a racket because an employee came out of the hotel. He walked near us and looked at us, trying to decide if we were up to no good, and then realizing we were just crazy he yelled out, “Y’all having a good time this evening?” That made me laugh even more and he just shook his head and walked back inside. !!

I know I grew up in Oklahoma, but ten years in NYC have turned me into a city person if I got that much amusement out of a few bullfrogs! Haha 🙂

Tonight in Chattanooga at the Barking Legs Theatre I shared this story with our audience and while I was telling it TKash stood up and made the sound! They thought he was crazy.

Here I am with Patrick McCurry, our presenter in Opelika –


Check out the wild marquee in Chattanooga –


The frog whisperer himself!


We have only ONE more show on our southern tour, Sunday in Nashville at Nine48 Jazz. See you there!

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2 Responses to Speaking Frog

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  2. Rob says:

    Ribbbitt! Ribbitt!


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