Past & Present: Thinking of Oklahoma & Looking Forward to Vancouver

My thoughts have been with my fellow Oklahomans this week as they deal with the aftermath of the tornadoes that struck Moore on Monday afternoon. Growing up in Norman OK I experienced many tornadoes over the years. I vividly remember hiding in various storm shelters and even in the hallway of my childhood home when the warning didn’t leave us enough time to evacuate, but I never experienced such devastation as the people of Moore face now. Oklahomans are a strong and proud people, and I know they will pull together and survive. I have been brought to tears several times this week by stories of my friends helping out with supplies and offering their homes to displaced families. Even our sports teams have gotten involved; Kevin Durant personally gave $1 Million to the Red Cross and the Thunder Team matched his donation.  I’m proud to be an Okie and I hurt for everyone affected by this terrible storm.

As I watch the stories unfold in Oklahoma (did you see the woman get surprised by her dog, who was thought to be lost in the rubble?) I am in New York preparing for my upcoming weekend performing in Vancouver. This will be my first time in Vancouver, and I’ll be playing Friday and Saturday  night at Cory Weeds’ Cellar Jazz Club. I’m really excited about this experience because I’ll get to see a new city (yay!), meet new musicians (yay!), and meet new people (more yay!). There’s always a level of anxiety about doing something totally new, but I’m hoping to temper my anxiety with a nice day of packing and spending a few hours in a practice studio with a grand piano before I head to the airport on Thursday. Since I have been practicing a lot of Erroll Garner material lately I have been in need of a REAL piano; it’s impossible to practice that kind of material adequately on a keyboard. And why don’t I have a real piano in my house you ask? I did have an upright, but I sold it around Christmas with the intention of buying a NEW piano for myself, which I still haven’t done. Maybe I’m still hoping to be the hands of Kawaii?! I WOULD love that, but until I have a  new piano I rent a practice studio in midtown every now and then to get in some quality practice time.

Thanks for reading and thank you for all your kind messages about Oklahoma! See you in Vancouver!


Oklahoma Pride

Oklahoma Pride

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