Lovely Vancouver

Sometimes, when you travel as a solo musician and play with local musicians, it can be a drag, and not ONLY musically. Sometimes they’re not nice, or they don’t want to hang out, or they give you a weird vibe, etc etc. It can be lonely to be a new city and have the people you’re working with not be your friends! I’ve had that happen a few times in the past, but while I was in Vancouver last weekend it was the TOTAL opposite.

I traveled to Vancouver to play at Cory Weeds’ Cellar Jazz Club with Cory Weeds himself, Julian MacDonough on drums, and Jodi Proznick on bass. I had never been to Vancouver before or met any of the musicians I was going to play with. From the moment Cory picked me up at the airport I knew it was going to be a great weekend. We got along immediately. He’s a very down to earth person and a big Jazz fan like myself, so we were able to talk about records, music, and friends we had in common (if you’d like to get to know Cory, you can read his blog). I found this same friendliness and kindness in Jodi and Julian the next day when we met for rehearsal in the afternoon and then dinner. We were telling stories and laughing, and that camaraderie carried onto the bandstand that night.

I also have to say I LOVED Vancouver. Many of my readers and Facebook friends told me how fantastic and gorgeous the city was, but I was still amazed. I stayed in a hotel downtown and I was able to walk along the seawall both days and just enjoy the warm 65 degree weather and the sun. I was especially thankful to be OUT of New York, because at that time it was cold and rainy! Vancouver, with its lovely people and scenery, was a welcome break. After spending a few hours outside in the park on my first day I felt so relaxed that the muscles in my shoulders actually felt sore from letting go of tension. Sunshine and blue skies are a wonderful thing, and it’s rare that while on the road I am able to spend so much time outside.

I had such a wonderful time – Cory and I are planning a tour of Canada for next year. I will keep you posted!


Here I am with Julian and Cory after our Saturday night performance


thanks to Victor for this great picture!

I also want to add that the piano at the club was really fun to play. Not every club has a great instrument, but Cory recently purchased a Steinway “B” Model and it’s very warm and has a great feel. To support the club and the purchase of the new piano, you can actually make a contribution by “buying a key”. If you’d like to read more about it, click here.



Thank you Vancouver! See you soon 🙂 


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One Response to Lovely Vancouver

  1. fawnahareo says:

    Great pics! Wish I could have been there for the concert! I’ve loved your voice (and playing!) since the first time Thisbe Vos posted one of your clips on her fan page.


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