Behind the Scenes of a Capsulocity Video Shoot

On Wednesday afternoon I shot a video for Capsulocity, a web series that features short films and performances about up and coming Jazz musicians in New York. If you haven’t seen their videos, you should check them out. My favorite is this one of Johnny O’Neal playing “The Christmas Song”, which is a bit unseasonable in the middle of June, but still gorgeous!

I’ve done many interviews, but I was really a little nervous! My experiences with interviews have to do with phone interviews or radio studios, and only a few video ones, including this Brian Pace Report from only a few months ago, but this was totally different! We were in a studio in midtown and Brandon brought in lights and a background, and I had to wear a mic like they wear on TV! I couldn’t figure out how to make it stay hidden under the top of my blouse and my hair kept falling over my shoulder and getting caught up in the mic!


A picture of the “stage”

When we began filming Stephen (my father), Marina, and Yuta (the bassist in the video) stood just off to the side of the camera and I could see them out of the corner of my eye. It was very odd to have an audience that wasn’t *the* audience I was addressing. I kept thinking I could never be a proper actress, and how did Nat King Cole make this situation look so comfortable and natural?

Being shaken up by all the lights, I was a little unprepared for the interview questions as well. At one point Brandon asked me what “Jazz Divas” I admired. I’m not such a fan of the word “diva”, so I answered the question in a round about way, mentioning something about Clark Terry. But Brandon wanted me to talk about “Divas” and so he asked the question again, at which point I blurted out “Why does everyone ask me about female musicians just because I’m a girl!” For a few seconds there was an uncomfortable silence…followed by uncontrollable laughter. I’m sure they will edit that part out!

At the very end I had to say, “Hi, I’m Champian Fulton for Capsulocity.” Capsulocity. Say that three times fast! It was quite a tongue twister!

We all had a good time and I hope the video turns out great; I look forward to sharing it with you in the near future! Image

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5 Responses to Behind the Scenes of a Capsulocity Video Shoot

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  3. Lynn goucher says:

    So cool Champian!! Can’t wait to see it! I don’t like the word diva either. It’s so condescending! Artist is better. They don’t call men divas. Why should they label women that way?!!


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