Happy Birthday Erroll Garner! Hear never released songs….

I have written MANY times about Erroll Garner in the past few months. First we talked about his Music on MusicMonday  and then we talked a little more about his music and the wonderful book written by my friend Jim Doran in The Most Happy Piano. There is so much to talk about because Erroll’s discography is ENORMOUS and luckily most of it is available today, with quite a lot being available even for download on iTunes and amazon. There are also plenty of youtube videos where you can watch entire concerts, including this one from 1964:

But today, on what would have been Erroll’s 92nd birthday, I would like to share some never released recordings from his 1968 concert in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. I have uploaded “The Girl from Ipanema”, “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face”, and “Satin Doll” to my souncloud account and you can listen to them for free if you follow this link:


The intro to “The Girl from Ipanema” is especially awesome!

I hope you enjoy them and listen to his recordings all day long! Long live Erroll Garner!

erroll garner

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13 Responses to Happy Birthday Erroll Garner! Hear never released songs….

  1. I’m discovering your post today and I would like to thank for posting these marvels ! I have heard these unissued tunes one time in a very poor rendition, but yours is very good. I’m french and totally fond of Erroll’s music for a couple of decade now.
    Oner more time, thank you so much for posting. Come on for more unissued ???


  2. adamdyerjazz says:

    Great blog you have here! I’m a fellow Erroll Fan (who isn’t?) – I’m just listening to your version of ‘I cover the waterfront’ on your website and you’ve I can hear a lot of Erroll in your playing, definitely a good thing!


  3. Markus Schmutz says:

    Erroll Garner was (and is) my favorite pianist since the early 60’s when I heard him live for the first time – what a joy! He passed away much too early. Thank you so much for your efforts to bring him “in focus” again – this is definitely needed despite the excellent DVD which appeared recently. I also have a request: I sincerely hope that you can fulfill one of my most urgent wishes, i.e., to contact James M. Doran: can you provide me with his e-mail or other address? Kind regards, Markus


  4. Charles Eakin says:

    Heard Errol at McCarty’s Bar in Pitts burgh, Pa. when I was an underaged kid. he was a student of movie music–It comes out because he was always orchestrating in his piano performances.he was the best SOLO PIANIST of all time (note the fading of the rhythm section) but what a force. his treatment of melody (which is basically unaltered) is STAGGERING) WOW


  5. Lynn goucher says:

    wow! I love it!! That intro to Ipanema is pure genius! I love it to when you can hear musicians humming and singing to themselves when they play. Thanks for sharing Champian! I always learn so much from your posts!


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