My Video for Capsulocity : He’s Funny That Way

Last week I posted a blog about making a video for Capsulocity, and today they were kind enough to post a performance clip from the shoot. This is my absolute favorite song ever and I’m so glad it’s on youtube now, because even though I recorded it in 2008 for Venus Records (Japan), no one ever hears it here in the USA!  I think the visual of the video looks great and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I hope you like it! The interview video should be posted in a few weeks and I’ll share that with you too.

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3 Responses to My Video for Capsulocity : He’s Funny That Way

  1. Jürg Meier says:

    Cool performance, Champian. I love it how you fly over these keys and especially that you include Garner in such a lovely way. The Blog is great. Gives us a little from the inside and of course it brings you closer.
    Glad you mentioned Johnny O’Neal. I was fortunate enough to see him a few times.
    Now, looking forward to see you live soon too, maybee in Ascona.


    • Thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad you like the blog. Johnny O’Neal is amazing and I’m hoping to do a full blog about him soon. Hope to see you in Ascona 🙂


      • Jürg Meier says:

        Sorry no Ascona…just listened to the Milt Buckner tracks..Your writings about the Block Chords is very appreciated. Thank you. Please continue.
        In order to keep track, I put musicians in a category- either great piano player – or great singer –Since you are a great singer and a great piano player, looks like you created a new category.
        The advantage of this category: Not crowded.
        Enjoy Ascona – if the heat turns up you could go for a swimm in Maggia Valley…ice cold water and beautiful scenery. Cheers.


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