Ascona Days 2, 3, and 4; a picture diary

My final 3 days at the JazzAscona Festival in Ascona, Switzerland were really fantastic. It is defining one of the most beautiful places I have visited so far in my career, and this year was especially fun because I played with a few new musicians (new to me) and the music and the hang was really great. I had Esteve Pi on drums (who I met in Barcelona in March), Giorgos Antoniou on bass (who I met when he played with my hero Benny Green in NY), and Fabien Mary on trumpet (who I met when he lived in NY). The four of us had not played together before but it was very relaxed and swinging.


The hang off the bandstand was super fun as well! After our third concert on Sunday we had dinner and went for a walk around the town before having some gelato by the lake and watching the sunset. We were talking about music and friends and just laughing so hard!


It’s really a nice feeling when you meet new people and instantly become friends. I continued my behavior from Thursday night and hung out at the jam session every night until 3 AM, enjoying those beautiful moonlit walks along the lake back to the hotel. Although one of my favorite moments was definitely on Sunday when it was hot and sunny and I was able to swim and get some sun!


A fan posted a really cool montage video – I think I have so many crazy facial expressions! Watch and tell me, click here to see my many expressions.

Also Ascona posted an official interview, you can watch it and see me play “Moonglow”.

Here are a few more silly snapshots from Ascona:

Mountains! Sun! Water! Ducks!


On stage…



Bye bye Ascona. Until next year –


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