Steamy Steamy Paris

As I write to you right now I am melting from the heat. Today the temperature reached 97 in Paris (that’s about 37 Celsius) and even right now, at midnight, it’s a steamy 84. It wouldn’t be so bad, but there’s no air conditioning in my hotel (or anywhere it seems) and not even a hint of a breeze. If you’re American and you haven’t been to Paris before you should know, air conditioning is a rare treat. They say its only miserably hot 3 weeks a year, but I swear I am always in Paris during those times.

But know that it is not all miserable! Tonight I ventured to Montmartre where I had a lovely seafood dinner and saw the most amazing views of Paris ever. It is a romantic and beautiful city and I have loved my days off here very much. I even had a few chances to go shopping 🙂

On Monday I played at Sunside Jazz Club with Gilles Naturel and Mourad Benhamou. This was my third time to play there and it was fun as always. We had a great crowd and the people were very responsive.

Before coming to Paris I was in Edinburgh Scotland for 4 days. If you’ve never been to Scotland you must go. It is a beautiful country. I played two concerts in Edinburgh and one in Arbroath. This is a picture from Arbroath. This is the front lawn of the venue; you can see the North Sea.


I have never seen such enthusiastic and kind audiences, every one of them serious jazz fans. Quite a few people told me about the time they saw Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane, etc.

It’s always a challenge to see some of the cities while you’re on tour. It’s hard because I’m working and trying to conserve my energy and also sometimes it’s a bit weird to sightsee by yourself. I was really lucky in Edinburgh to have a driver who drove me around and gave me quite a tour of the city and its history. My favorite place was Holyrood Park (the queens park). I meant to visit it a second time but wasn’t able to because of the weather.


I think I am feeling so drawn to the countryside (as opposed to cities) because I am nearing my 10 year anniversary in New York! Its a great place but it can definitely wear you out.

I’m looking forward to playing in Belgium tomorrow, where I am hoping it will be SLIGHTLY cooler. 🙂 what would you do to beat the heat?!


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10 Responses to Steamy Steamy Paris

  1. unedeplus says:

    Hello Champian,
    what a difference between Paris and Roquefère !!! 8 more days, and 24°C less …but the result was: SUPER! as usual ….


  2. Renée Yoxon says:

    Sounds like you’re having an amazing time! When are you going to come to Canada already?? 😛


  3. Lynn goucher says:

    To beat the heat? Jump in a fountain!! It’s only a fancy sprinkler after all!! Oh Champian I love reading about your travels and concerts and seeing the photos! I just had my gall bladder surgery yesterday and I spent a horrible night!! I haven’t eaten in two days and I am extremely sore a d sick!! So what a pleasure it is to distract myself by reading your blog. France and Scotland are my top two travel destinations as my family traces their roots back there. the Olde Alliance they are called. Mary Queen of Scots was also the Queen of France too..


  4. Jimmy Ross says:

    No AC , no problem .
    Plastic basin couple of bags of ice and a fan blowing over the ice in your direction, i.e. bedside table. Should be enough to get you through the night!


  5. jsaadoun says:

    I was in Paris last week with my mom and the heat was RELENTLESS! And of course, no AC. Anywhere. We ended up sleeping with chilled water bottles. Haha


  6. Be sure to enjoy some Belgium beer in Belgium!


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