The Pianist Who Sings

Ever since I was a little girl I couldn’t choose between singing and the piano. I loved singing so much, as most children do, but I really loved the piano. I loved sitting behind the piano and having the control within the band that comes from playing in the rhythm section. I loved being able to come home and sit down at the piano and make music that I enjoyed. As I began to work as a musician, I loved watching the world pass by, watching people’s lives unfold from behind the piano. But as I said, I loved singing too, and as I grew up I would sing more, and then sing less, and sing more. My mind would just naturally lean towards one instrument and I would focus on it, and naturally neglect the other instrument for a while. To me, no matter what I was playing – piano, trumpet, singing – I was always the same person, the same musician.

As I grew up and began working more as a pianist / singer, other people developed strong opinions about what I should do. Most musicians strongly advised that I only play piano and giving up singing, but “music industry” folks strongly advised that I give up piano and only sing. Then my audience had their own opinions too: more singing, less singing, longer piano solos, shorter piano solos. Was I a singer or pianist?

In my heart, I was always a pianist who sings. I could never leave my piano, and quite frankly, standing in front of a band standing up and singing is awkward! I never know what to do with my hands….should I snap? Hold the mic? And what am I supposed to do during all their solos? Especially if I would rather be playing the piano solo myself?! Not to mention, standing in heels for an entire concert IS NOT FUN. Singers who can do that and look graceful deserve major props (I’d also like to know where they buy their shoes, haha).

So you can see, I am a pianist who sings. I love both. I have made 6 recordings dedicated to this love of mine, the most recent being “After Dark” released in 2016, but for my 7th release I wanted to do something different. I wanted to return to my first love of the piano and show a side of myself that hasn’t been seen before. My new album, “Speechless”, not only features only the piano trio, but it also is my debut as a composer with 9 new songs never before heard by the public.

I am so excited about sharing this new side of my music with everyone. The album will be released exclusively on iTunes and Apple Music on March 17, but you can also order your copy directly from me (like, right now) via my website

Listen to the opening track, Day’s End, (below) and please check back here at the blog next week to read about my writing process and hear some more music! Ask your questions about the new record in the comment section below, and thanks for reading!

Speechless on Posi-Tone Records will be released on March 17 on iTunes and Apple Music. 

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6 Responses to The Pianist Who Sings

  1. Paula Gorham-OKC OK says:

    So smooth and as always awesome! 🙂


  2. Greg Graham says:

    It’s a pleasure to hear music that originates from the heart and soul again.You’ve got another fan.


  3. Mike Bonds says:

    LOVE Day’s End!!! I hear a little Waller, a little Hines, a little Jamal, and a whole lot of Champian! So glad that you were able to record with Adi and Ben, as a trio you are SO locked in … hopefully they are touring with you this spring. Can’t wait to hear more from Speechless and to see you in May!!!!!


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